The Fifth wins TWO awards at the Imas

Bronze for best large influencer marketing agency

By Esra Gurkan

Friday, 24th of September 2021

The Influencer Marketing Awards shine a light on exceptional Influencer Marketing campaigns that showcase exceptional planning, execution, creativity and innovation.

The IMAs seeks to recognise and rewards agencies and platforms that are helping brands to plan, smartly execute and measure their influencer marketing campaigns. Either as a standalone campaign or as part of a multi-channel effort.

They also endeavour to recognise those within Influencer Marketing who seek to improve the wellbeing and potential of the community and elevate voices that represent the future of the channel.

This year, we were delighted to take home two awards. We won Bronze for Most Effective Campaign on a Small Budget for our successful campaign with Square, as well as Bronze for Best Large Influencer Marketing Agency.

Our campaign with Square saw us collaborate with digitally savvy SME owners and entrepreneurs Peony Vintage, Natalie Glaze, Saint Aymes and Vix Meldrew.

As an agency that has only been around for two years, we were delighted to be recognised an influencer agency making a difference in the industry.

As always, a huge congratulations to The Fifth team for their hard work – especially over the last 12 months. These awards wouldn’t be possible without them and their dedication to providing clients with the best possible campaigns.

And of course a big congratulations to all of the other winners. What a year it’s been for influencer marketing!

The Fifth talent wins agency of the year award

the fifth talent wins big at the blogosphere awards

By Esra Gurkan

Thursday, 23rd of September 2021

The Fifth Talent took home the Talent Management Agency of the Year award at the Blogosphere Awards 2021.

The Blogosphere Awards are a celebration of the amazing talent that this industry has to offer. Without the talent who have given us their trust, confidence and support this last year, we wouldn’t have been able to do it so thank you to them and everybody who voted for us.

After the Blogosphere Awards weren’t able to take place in person last year, we were delighted that the industry could come together to celebrate the achievements of the last 12 months in person.

The Fifth MD and Founder Oliver Lewis says: “I’m overwhelmed and just so proud of the team. Last time we were at the Blogosphere Awards in 2019, we were wet behind the ears and just excited to be there. Today we have arrived thanks to the undeniable talent of Katie Wallwork, Keys Pownall, Summer Swerner, Olivia Francis and everyone in the Fifth Fam past and present. Huge congrats to all the winners and to Alice Audley for bringing back such an important celebration of our industry. A huge triumph!”.

As if that wasn’t enough, The Fifth Talent’s creators Nicole Ocran, who is a writer and co-founder of The Creator Union, and sustainability consultant and creative director Emma Slade Edmondson also won the Podcast of the Year Award. Their Mixed Up podcast is for mixed race people everywhere and for anyone looking into a deeper insight on race and identity.

They say “the show is about straddling two worlds and multiple identities. Now more than ever, it feels like people of mixed heritage are seeking out their space to talk about their lived experiences. But despite searching, we could find very little to relate to. We decided to make something we would have appreciated hearing’.

A big congratulations to all of the Blogosphere Awards winners and nominees.

Barry Louth joins us as Client Growth Director

sky’s barry louth joins the team

By Esra Gurkan

Thursday, 23rd of September 2021

Creative influencer marketing agency, The Fifth, has named Barry Louth, former Director of Media Strategy, Innovation and Investment at Sky, as Client Growth Director. 

Louth brings with him over 20 years experience in media strategy and innovation and will be responsible for new business, identifying new revenue generating initiatives and projects. Louth will be tasked with deepening The Fifth’s relationships with its existing clients such as Disney, Kendo Group, Facebook and YouTube, as well as increasing the agency’s presence within both the marketing and influencer marketing communities. 

Under the leadership of Group Managing Director and Founder Oliver Lewis, The Fifth has steadily grown its headcount and client portfolio with recent wins including YouTube, Instagram, Disney, Square and COTY. 

Louth arrives at The Fifth after 10 years at Sky, where he had the oversight of media strategy and the deployment of media investment across multiple entertainment and telecoms products and services for the UK’s largest advertiser. Previous to that he was a Media Strategist at BT, responsible for the creation and delivery of an integrated media strategy for BT’s media spend. 

Louth has also been a member of the leadership group at ISBA, the body that represents UK advertisers. 

Barry Louth, Client Growth Director, says: “It is thrilling to be joining The Fifth at such an exciting stage of its evolution. I’m fortunate to be working with a creative and innovative team who are pushing boundaries and producing fantastic content for brands.  I’m delighted to have the opportunity to be a part of their story.”

Oliver Lewis, Group MD and Founder of The Fifth, added: “I am thrilled we have been able to add someone of Barry’s calibre and gravitas to our business at such an exciting juncture in our growth. Barry brings a wealth of strategic client and agency experience and will help the agency to rapidly scale investment into our service offering in line with our client’s expectations. He shares our values and passion for the industry and I can’t wait for our next chapter with him onboard.”

The Fifth shortlisted for the Blogosphere Awards 2021!

The Blogosphere Awards are back

By Esra Gurkan

Monday, 5th of July 2021

The Blogosphere Awards are back, and we’re so excited to be shortlisted. 

The Blogosphere Awards 2021 celebrate the best influencers and best influencer brand campaigns over the past 12 months. 

There are twenty-eight categories in the awards this year, and we’re delighted to have been recognised alongside some amazing agencies and creators. 

The Fifth’s talent agency The Fifth Talent is nominated for Talent management company of the year and The Fifth Talent’s incredible creators Nicole Ocran and Emma Slade Edmondson are up for the Podcast of the year award for their amazing podcast Mixed Up. 

The Mixed Up podcast is for mixed race people everywhere and for anyone looking for a deeper insight into race and identity. It is hosted by sustainability consultant and creative director Emma Slade Edmondson, and Nicole Ocran, writer and co-founder of The Creator Union.

The show is about straddling two worlds and multiple identities. Now more than ever, it feels like people of mixed heritage are seeking out their space to talk about their lived experiences. But despite searching, Nicole and Emma could find very little to relate to, so they decided to make something they would have appreciated hearing.

Speaking about the nominations, Group MD and Founder of The Fifth Oliver Lewis says: “I’m immensely proud to be shortlisted at the Blogosphere awards 2021 for Talent Management company of the year. What a year it has been. Huge credit, congratulations and thanks to The Fifth Talent Director Katie Wallwork, and Talent Managers Olivia Francis, Summer Swerner and Keys Pownall for continuing to lead in this industry with their professionalism, integrity, incredible hard work and always putting their talent first.

“Also congratulations to two of our Fifth Talent fam Nicole Ocran and Emma Slade Edmondson for their Mixed up podcast. An absolute triumph that has rightly been recognised”. 

To cast your votes, click here

Voting is open until August 15th and winners will be announced in September.

small but mighty

The Fifth wins Leading Influencer Marketing Agency of the Year at the Business Elite Awards 2021

January 2021

Here at The Fifth, we were delighted to be named Leading Influencer Marketing Agency of the Year at the SME News’ Business Elite Awards of 2021.

The awards, which were handpicked by SME News Magazine, celebrate enterprises who consistently provide the best services and products for their clients, allowing them to stand out within their representative fields. 

They award those that are succeeding in their endeavours, innovating, growing and improving.

As a part of our award, the following article and interview with The Fifth Group’s MD and Founder Oliver Lewis which was featured in the 2021 Q1 edition of SME News Magazine:

Founded in 2018, The Fifth is an influencer marketing agency on a mission to do things differently, putting storytellers at the heart of its brand client’s advertising. Following its well-deserved success in the Business Elite Awards 2021, we caught up with Oliver Lewis to find out more.

Based in London, The Fifth invest the time to truly understand its client’s challenges and objectives to build long-term strategic partnerships for the brands it works with. Through a personal and tailored service, the firm help brands navigate the complexity of influencer marketing. To begin, Oliver provides a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into its clientele.

“Here at The Fifth our team of social media strategists, talent experts and creatives lead with storytelling to put influential talent at the heart of advertising for some of the world’s most recognised global brands. Since launching, we’ve had the pleasure of working alongside the likes of Disney, TAG Heuer, Boots, Kendo Brands, Sky Sports, Square and bareMinerals, delivering outstanding results along the way. Last year, under The Fifth Group, we launched The Fifth Talent, a talent management business now commercially representing a roster of the country’s most exciting creators, artists, journalists and mainstream talent who all stand for a purpose and positive action.”

Competing in the marketing world can often be a very challenging experience, however as Oliver goes on to explain, the firm’s client approach and ability to maintain high standards has allowed the firm to stand out from the closest competition.

“Currently, influencer marketing is pivoting away from media into a creative space and we consider ourselves as much the storytellers and creatives as the talent we work with. Together, we want to create award winning work that can transcend social platforms and in turn elevate influencer marketing into a respected and creative omnichannel solution. To succeed and stand out from others in the industry we are professional and transparent at all times, while meeting the standards expected.”

Since its establishment, employees have played a crucial role in the success of the firm.

“The passion, expertise and shared values of our brilliant team have proved to be hugely significant factors in our journey” Oliver highlights “As a small business, it’s so important that everyone feels empowered to break down silos and work outside of their core roles to help achieve client or business goals. In this regard, we give all our staff the opportunity to express themselves in our environment.”

Despite the outbreak of COVID-19, the pandemic has only accelerated innovation for the firm, as Oliver elaborates further.

“COVID-19 has in fact accelerated our space, shining a light on positive influencers and as a result influencer marketing has taken a series of leaps in its evolution over the last year. It has expedited the channel towards purpose-driven marketing and propelled digital creators and talent into the mainstream consciousness as much as it has into the creative void left by exposed production crews. As consumers in this time of crisis, we’re turning more than ever to our communities and to those voices who add value to our lives. To those creating compelling content which entertains, supports, drives conversations, and nurtures communities, think Joe Wicks, Dr Alex, or Marcus Rashford. All of these have used their influence for good, and in turn brands have been turning to influencers through this crisis to help them to humanise their brands and give them an authentic voice.”

Bringing the interview to a close, Oliver discusses the firm’s approach to recruitment before outlining some of the exciting plans the team at The Firth have in store for 2021 and beyond.

“When it comes to recruitment, we are always striving to create the most culturally diverse team to help us to understand all cultures within our society. By doing so, our staff feel like they can be themselves at work and help our clients to connect with and speak to broader audiences. Moving forward, we will continue to grow the business in line with the market and increasing client demands. Furthermore, it is our hope that 2021 will be a year of expanding our operations into new markets!”

The Fifth and Storyful team up

on game-changing influencer performance measurement tool

March 2021

Creative influencer marketing agency, The Fifth, has joined forces with Storyful, the social media intelligence agency, to create a new influencer performance measurement tool. The collaboration will enable brands to analyse metrics such as fame and interaction, to get a more accurate assessment of a campaign’s impact.  

The influencer market has gone from strength to strength with brands set to spend up to $15 billion on influencer marketing by 2022. This rapid and continued growth requires a fresh take and deeper understanding of what is meant by “influence” online. Reach or impressions, though useful indicators of performance, have never told the whole story about the effectiveness of an influencer. 

In response, The Fifth and Storyful have collaborated to develop an influencer assessment product that analyses eight proprietary metrics:

  • Fame – an influencer’s global follower account
  • Interact – an influencer’s ability to generate interactions
  • Response – an influencer’s ability to elicit a response from their audience
  • Share – an influencer’s ability to drive their audience to share content
  • Persistence – an influencer’s ability to keep awareness high throughout the course of a campaign
  • Authority – how often an influencer is talked about by others (without prompting conversations themselves)
  • Playmaking – how the influencer acts as a conduit for conversation
  • Popularity – how popular an influencer is among a specific community 

For brands, this analysis offers a new way to benchmark and understand the performance of an influencer. After an influencer is assessed for each metric, they are given a ranking versus the other influencers in a campaign. In turn, this allows clients to know who performed well in each metric, and to take this understanding into further campaigns. 

In 2020, premium wine-in-a-can company, HUN Wines, partnered with The Fifth for its new brand campaign targeting millennials on Instagram. Titled ‘The #HUNdred Society’, the campaign used 10 influential voices from different subcultures in the UK to drive awareness of HUN Wines to a diverse range of communities. 

To measure the effectiveness of each influencer, Storyful and The Fifth used the eight metrics to analyse the performance of each influencer, ranking them from 1-8 to show the impact each one had on the campaign.

The campaign reached 1.2 million consumers and had 121,000 engagements, delivering on all KPIs and driving positive sentiment for HUN Wines. 

Mark Woollard, Co-founder and CEO of HUN Wines comments: “We were delighted to be offered the opportunity to be the first brand to use The Fifth and Storyful’s new measurement tool. The comprehensive metrics will allow us to evaluate how well aligned the selected influencers are to our strategic aims to then enhance future campaigns.” 

Oliver Lewis, Group MD and Founder of The Fifth, added “As the market grows exponentially, this tool will be invaluable in enabling brands to navigate the space and connect with the right influencers. When combined with our premium influencer discovery and management service, it gives clients an in-depth examination of how each carefully selected influencer performed in a campaign, far beyond impressions or reach.”

Dara Healy, Executive Director of Intelligence at Storyful concluded: “We have long considered the role of influence in the new information environment. Out of this work came Storyful’s Cosmos tool, which maps digital communities and the interconnections within those communities to analyse influence and information flows between individuals. Our collaboration with The Fifth has been built around Cosmos and the result is an accurate assessment for each influencer.”

Agencies collaborate in new online music programme


By Jonnie Owen

Tuesday, 18th of May 2021

Music and creativity have seen many of us through the darker times of lockdown and yet the artists themselves have suffered. The pandemic has served to highlight the need for new digital ways to find and support musicians, particularly emerging artists. I recently had the pleasure of working alongside Director Albertine Rae of production company WhyNow on a pilot for a new online music show.

Weeks before lockdown we seized the opportunity and booked a venue. We carried out the additional Covid measurements and training in line with Government guidelines to make the design of the shoot safe, booked professional technicians and set designers, pro live kit and set pieces. Then we had just one more element to complete – the line-up.

We reached out to the industry for artists and within hours we had an overwhelming response from labels, managers and artists to fill the four available slots for the purpose of a pilot – not an easy task.

We decided to choose an exciting, diverse and ‘genreless’ line-up that we thought best captures the exciting sounds in the UK music scene right now. It was such a pleasure to work with Kimbo, Babeheaven, Cheryll and Ella Grace.

Nobody in the room had heard live music for almost a year. When each artist took to the stage and made their first noise, it was electric. It was like experiencing live music again for the first time, in a new and bizarre intra-Covid safe zone, but the way my body reacted was familiar; the goosebumps hugged the back of my neck like an old friend. 

To see all of the exclusive performances and interviews with the emerging artists, check out our Youtube channel and subscribe here.

If you represent any up and coming artists or are a brand looking for sponsorship, we’d love to hear from you. 

Thanks to my team at The Fifth and extended fam at WhyNow. The artists, Babeheaven, Cheryll, Ella Grace and Kimbo for being superstars. The presenters Arielle Free and Jake Denton. To the Shoreditch Studios team. Becky and Millie at UROK Management, Emma at Your Army, Charlotte at Kobalt, James at Red Light Management, Pip at Friends Vs Music, Jason at Developing Sounds, Ace at Starseed Entertainment. Lighting Designer – Jamie Corbidge, set by Lucie Brooks Butler. Lighting supplier – Dave at Storm Ltd, Sound suppliers – Robin at Capital Sound and Luther at SSE Audio and Cover it Up.